Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish everyone on my side of the Pond a happy Thanksgiving.

In years past I didn’t have much time to do anything but chase kids, cook, and entertain family. You all know the drill, I’m sure.

This year, though, my kids will be peeling potatoes, my husband’s on tap for most of the cooking, and I’m getting a few minutes to sit in front of the fire, knit, and count my blessings.

I’m grateful most of all for my family who puts up with my crazy hours and bouts of daydreaming (you know your kids are resigned to what you do when they only sigh lightly when you drag yourself back from whatever book you’re working on in your head to help them find clean socks). I’m grateful for good friends who are never more than a phone call or email away, no matter how much distance separates us. I’m grateful for ancestors who were courageous enough to buck the conventional wisdom and go after their dreams, no matter the odds.*

And without getting all maudlin and sappy, let me just say that I’m also especially grateful for the chance to write and the opportunity it’s afforded me to meet so many amazing people I never would have known otherwise: my editors, past and present; my agent; my wonderful publisher; and, most of all, you who have come on this crazy ride with me as readers. It’s a joy and a delight to get to send the characters in my head out into the world, but it wouldn’t mean anything if they didn’t find welcoming bookcases to land in.

So thank you, every one of you, for being a part of my writer’s life.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

*My father is a descendant of William Brewster (the Mayflower Brewster) through his daughter Fear (who claimed brothers Love and Wrestling–gotta love those Puritan names!) who married Isaac Allerton. It seems that Mr. Allerton had a, ahem, less than stellar record of financial dealings with those early settlers, so every time I get a little smug about a connection that one intrepid ancestor, I remember his son-in-law cheated the entire Plymouth colony out of their profits until they figured it out and ran him out of town on the rails.

Isn’t genealogy great? :)

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  1. BacTgirl says:

    Genealogy IS great. I love discovering who my ancestors were and what their lives were like. History really becomes “real” and upclose when you can place your family in the middle of it.

    And it appears that you and Ashley Judd have a common ancestor in William Brewster.

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