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A retreat

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Lynn, Have you ever thought of hosting a retreat for the people who would love to meet you? I go every year to the Author 101 University in Vegas. I write childrens books and I have met lots of neat people who are successful authors. I would love to see you at one of these. I wasnt sure if you ever hosted any kind of workshop. :)
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I'd never considered it . . . I'm still at that point in my life where I feel like I'm just putting out fires all the time. When my kids are older, I might be tempted to get out and do more.

What would we talk about? It makes me squirm to talk about my books--I know, I'm a dork, but there it is.

A beachy reading retreat? A meet-up at a fiber/knitting/quilting fair?

I couldn't do it any time soon, but the idea is intriguing . . .

The Vegas thing sounds interesting. I'll look that up--thanks Cinders!
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Oh, I'd love it if you ever do it.

But I will say years ago when I was young and it was the one time I attended a Star Trek convention and got to meet one of the actors, I found myself speechless and tongue-tied even though he asked me questions. I had no idea what to say that wouldn't have sounded incredibly stupid. Ironically, I was talking with the woman in line behind me and after we got his autograph, we finished up our conversation which was about me buying yellow ribbons for a welcome home celebration for the troops. (Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg was out of yellow ribbon but Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill was a possibility.) He was completed signing and came over and heard the last part of our chatting about how I would be up all night making and hanging bows. He gave me $10 for ribbons. I was able to say thank you and ask a few questions at that point.

My lesson learned was that I prepare. Since then, I've written down a couple of questions ahead of time so it's possible to start chatting. Over time I've met several television news personalities, retired generals, and authors at organized events and had some fascinating discussions. (Yes, I'm a current events junkie.)

One of senior government officials I met recently came up with a great quip I've always wanted to share on this board. "What is the difference between a fairy tale and a war story?" "A fairy tale begins with 'once upon a time' and a war story starts with "Guys, you aren't going to believe this but I swear its the 'real s***'." I've no idea if his war story was the truth but it was a great tale.

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