20 Years of Books

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20 Years of Books

Postby LynnKurland » December 30th, 2015, 10:38 pm

All right, so I’m a few months early. Stardust of Yesterday came out in April of 1996 — I was barely able to scrawl my name I was so young, really! — but I thought in honor of that anniversary, it was time for a bit of a website rebirth.

I wanted to indulge in one last quick post here before we move things over to the new site. Just one little housekeeping thing first. We weren’t able to move the forum content over. The old forum will be archived so the posts are still there, but we won’t be able to add to it and we’ll have to register for the new forum. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully the spam will be greatly reduced which will make it a better experience for us all.

About email: I might have a bit of a, ahem, backlog. I answer it all myself, so know that if I haven’t responded, I’m working on a book.

About a newsletter: I’m going to shoot for putting one out once a month, so sign up! I’m sure there will be really great content. Maybe some cat pictures. Interesting tidbits that may have hit the cutting room floor. That kind of thing. :)

About life: I am a pretty private person. (Yes, I know, stop laughing some of you.) The past couple of years have been, in a word, hellacious. The reasons don’t really matter, but the fall-out has been slipping a book and having a health practitioner tell me that if I didn’t make some big changes, I wasn’t going to make it. Unfortunately, it sometimes seems like big changes are pretty, you know, hellacious. But since I didn’t want to be done–I have kids, tons more stories to tell, and an embarrassing backlog of spinning fiber and knitting yarn that must be turned into usable items–I took a deep breath and made some large, wrenching changes. It messed with my schedule a little and definitely took a toll, but here I am, two years later, in a much different and, frankly, much better place. Life is very good.

Thank you, friends, for loving these crazy characters, enjoying their stories, and making it possible for me to make a living getting to live a dream. My gratitude honestly knows no bounds. All I can do in return is attempt to give you the best books I can, every single time, come rain or shine.

Austin Designworks did a great job on my new site and we’ll have it up and running in the next few days. I’ll be adding content on a regular basis–yes, including those “to come” excerpts! Exciting things are right around the corner!

I’ll see you all on the other side–

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